farm for sale in Loire Valley

June 21, 2006


This farm is situated seven kilometres from the historic town of
Richelieu and is within easy reach of the A10 to Tours/Paris etc. It is one kilometre from the
village of
 The house on the farm has been completely renovated, rewired and re-plumbed. It has a new horsefarm1.JPGhorsefarm1005.jpghorsefarm1003.jpg

kitchen and bathroom. All windows and doors are double glazed and we have also installed a new wood burning stove in place. 

The house, which was originally built about 20 years ago, is flanked by woodland. In terms of size it is 100 sq. metres, which includes a huge living area with open plan kitchen. 

The house, like the farm, is very much a blank canvass which you can reshape to your own taste. All the land adjoins the house, something which is difficult to find in this part of

On the land is a large paddock which is enclosed by the circular gallops. That gallop is at least four furlongs in length. The soil type is sandy and this allows horses to be worked all year round.  This contrasts sharply with some farms within five km that have heavy clay soils, where in winter the horses are up to their hocks in mud and in spring /summer they find themselves battling with rock hard ground conditions.  

The previous owner was a trotting horse trainer, hence the gallops. The immediate area is a mixture of pasture land and wood land with a lot of sandy trails useful for horse riding exercising. bathroom-small.jpg

I can introduce you to horse vets and farriers etc. and various types from the local horse fraternity- both French and British. 

If you have any further queries let me know. You can ring me on 02 47 98 38 60. There are direct trains to
Tours or you can drive down easily from
Paris.  You may think the farm is not the English person’s dream home, that cut- stone farmhouse etc. But that vision of ex-pat bliss is very costly to renovate. This is something most Brits discover AFTER they have bought their  property. This house on the other hand is immediately habitable complete with in-built kitchen, cooker etc. Planning permission for  14 stables was granted to the previous owner and is very easy to re-establish.

I can show you this property at any time over the next month as I am resident in
France.  I am selling direct to the buyer therefore avoiding costly estate agent’s fees. By going directly to a notaire the potential buyer will save approx 10,000 euros.